•   Cris and DJ Lili were so helpful and easy to work with for our wedding.

    Cris was very professional over the phone (I still haven't met him in person) and our initial conversation answered all of my questions and we had the basic outline of the contract finished quickly.  Their prices were more than fair and compared very favorably to other DJs we'd spoken with.

    DJ Lili -- what can I say?  She made the night!  She read our crowd just right and played a great mix of songs that stayed within the limits we'd set on genres and our do not play list.  She had everyone up and dancing and was amazing with the kids there.  She brought glow sticks for the children to play with and helped them finish their photo treasure hunt sheets.  Lili is a champ!  She made sure everyone was having a grand time.  I can't thank her enough!  Check her out at Trivia Night at Route 92 in San Mateo -- excellent fun!

    thumb Gretchen H.

      I hired Cris for my 40th birthday party.. He was recommended by some friends. I was very pleased! He had the right flow of music throughout the night and had every song that was requested for karaoke. It was a fantastic time and I would hire him again.

    thumb Amy C.

      Words really can't describe how impressed and happy my new husband and I were with DJ Cris on our wedding day. The moment we set a wedding date, we knew exactly who we wanted to be our DJ. We have known DJ Cris for some time now and have always been happy with how great he is at what he does. Not only was he very cooperative with all the madness that went with our wedding day, but he made it a point to make sure I was ok and that I was happy.

    DJ Cris gave us a music questionnaire to fill out months in advance before the wedding that was incredibly helpful. Some of the questions asked, I never would have thought about. And because of that, the music selection played was outstanding. The guests at our wedding were thrilled with the music. We had a lot of mixed music preferences. Some liked country, some pop, some rap, some old school classics. Cris definitely accommodated  EVERYONE'S music taste at the wedding. My dad, who doesn't dance, was out on the dance floor so much. I was in shock!

    Not only was he professional, but DJ Cris has an amazing sense of humor. He was able to make people laugh and had a smile on his face the entire night. If you are looking for a DJ, not just for a wedding, but for any to BKR Productions. You will not be disappointed.

    Cris thank you for helping make one of the best days of my life amazing. And thank you for appreciating Richard Cheese, like Chad and I do. Cheers!

    thumb Sabrina K.
  •   Cris is an awesome KJ!!  Great music selection and he always tries to get people up singing quickly. Has been very accommodating to me every time I've  been there.  Even if I haven't been around in a while,he seems to make it as if its my first time at Lariat. I would definitely give him two thumbs up!!  m/

    thumb Lori C.

      Cris was absolutely the perfect DJ for our wedding. We met him at a local trivia and after getting to know him decided he'd be a fun fit for providing us all the fun tunes to the wedding! He did not disappoint. He's been in the industry for an awesome amount of time which gives him a ton of experience and familiarity with helping support the wedding.

    He's extremely prepared and communicable, sending us song templates to get us started in building out the music for the entire night. He also helped guide us when we were stuck on decisions and shared song lists to keep us on track.

    He's timely in both any pre-wedding meetings and to the actual ceremony to make sure he's able to set up and sound check his equipment. He's a really fun DJ - totally organized and very comfortable doing intros & any other funny commentary throughout the night. Highly recommended!!

    thumb Kristin D.

      Lots of fun, every Monday night at Fred's in Mountain View.  Regardless of outcome, always a good time.

    thumb Tom R.
  •   Awesome trivia night.  So much fun!

    Funny, engaging, and much more. Come check it out!!

    thumb Navdeep G.

      My wife and I have known Dj BKR for a long time now from frequenting his trivia nights at The Lariat. We always have a blast and everyone we bring with us always wants to come back for more. Our team usually places in the bottom percentile (due to our own lack of knowledge) but we love the thinkin' and drinkin' BKR hosts anyways.

    When it came time for my fiance/now wife and I to get married and pick the music for our wedding we did nlt hesitate to choose Dj BKR as our DJ. Cris was very proffesional and let us know well in advance what to expect, how he usually runs things, what we can do to make the dance floor full, and basically everything we had no idea went into making a wedding amazing. Cris was very prompt and proffesional throughout the process.

    When the big day came Dj BKR absolutly rocked the house. The dance floor was never empty and I even saw some great aunts getting down on the dance floor. Cris mixed our ecleptic choices in music very well and played each genre at the perfect moment (we had everything from Beach Boys, to Country, to Jazz and he rocked them amazingly). Cris is a very enthusiastic character and his personality definitly came out in his DJing which is exactly what we wanted. The night was killer and my wife and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    I would highly recommend Dj BKR for his wedding skills as well as his always fun Trivia Nights!

    thumb Steven P.

      Cris is a great entertainer. I go to his trivia shows all the time. He's funny, personable, and dedicated. He puts in a lot of work to make sure everyone is happy.

    His karaoke shows are also a lot of fun. The sound is always spot on, so anyone will sound as good as he or she ever will.

    thumb Paul S.