•   Cris came in to do a Father Daughter Sock Hop for our elementary school. The event was absolutely fantastic! We all loved the music, even the dads. They were all dancing and having a great time with their daughters. The girls are still buzzing about the event this week! He did a fantastic job mixing the 50's music with the girls' requests from current hits and setting a great party tone. Hope we can have him back next year!

    thumb Stacey K.

      Lili is AWESOME! She's a great trivia host. Professional, fun, and has great music during breaks. Always a good time grabbing a couple drinks and exercising the brain. I know she does Route 92 on Wednesdays. I'm not sure what her other gigs are.

    thumb Michael L.

      Cris was our DJ for our wedding back in June and I just realized I never wrote a review for him. CRIS IS AMAZING!!!! I recommended him to EVERYONE I know looking for a DJ right now and will continue to do so. He met with us to get more of a feel for mine and my husband liking of music and other details for the wedding. He was so cool and I'm so glad we were able to find him. He made my wedding so much fun. I got so many compliments about him after the wedding. I just can't say enough good things about him. Thank you so much Cris!!!!

    thumb Sara S.
  •   My wife and I have known Dj BKR for a long time now from frequenting his trivia nights at The Lariat. We always have a blast and everyone we bring with us always wants to come back for more. Our team usually places in the bottom percentile (due to our own lack of knowledge) but we love the thinkin' and drinkin' BKR hosts anyways.

    When it came time for my fiance/now wife and I to get married and pick the music for our wedding we did nlt hesitate to choose Dj BKR as our DJ. Cris was very proffesional and let us know well in advance what to expect, how he usually runs things, what we can do to make the dance floor full, and basically everything we had no idea went into making a wedding amazing. Cris was very prompt and proffesional throughout the process.

    When the big day came Dj BKR absolutly rocked the house. The dance floor was never empty and I even saw some great aunts getting down on the dance floor. Cris mixed our ecleptic choices in music very well and played each genre at the perfect moment (we had everything from Beach Boys, to Country, to Jazz and he rocked them amazingly). Cris is a very enthusiastic character and his personality definitly came out in his DJing which is exactly what we wanted. The night was killer and my wife and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    I would highly recommend Dj BKR for his wedding skills as well as his always fun Trivia Nights!

    thumb Steven P.

      Cris is the best trivia host EVER!  he comes up with the most original categories! Fred's seems to be the best venue for his kind of humor as well!  Sometimes there are video categories, sometimes there is name that tune! Mikey the bartender is cute too!

    thumb Maria C.

      I have known Cris professionally for a few years now. When I met him, he was doing regular DJ gigs at local bars and lounges. He has since expanded to include trivia shows and karaoke to his arsenal.

    Cris is fun, professional, and knows the job very well. His music selection is fantastic, and if he doesn't have what you want, he is happy to get it for you (for DJ parties or even karaoke songs!). I knew I was planning to come to his show, so I contacted him on his Facebook page to see if he had a specific song... He didn't, so he went and bought it and added it to his selection! You can't BUY that kind of customer accommodation!

    His equipment is great. He even uses a bubble machine from time to time that fills the dance floor with little floating bubbles that look awesome with his multi-colored light effects.

    I have also heard from friends that he does an incredible job at weddings and corporate events. I wouldn't doubt it, he is very good at what he does. I would recommend BKR Productions for anyone looking for an Emcee or DJ for their event.

    thumb Sean H.
  •   Cris is awesome! I met him from when he used to do regular DJing at Moons in San Mateo on Sat. Nights. He has a great personality, very fun and good selection of music. My husband and I had already signed a contract with a different DJ for our wedding, but had we known Cris a few months prior, we would have definitely used him. I recommend him to all of my friends who are looking for a DJ for their wedding or special event and some of them have used him and been very happy, they even have reviews on here! He now does Trivia and Karaoke as well, which is awesome and we visit his karaoke show regularly at the Lariat in Belmont. We love Cris!

    thumb M H.

      I was not excited about the music for my wedding. It was just one of those things that had to be there and quite frankly I was tortured about it, because my wedding was going to be a very small event, with a very wide range of kinds of people, and I knew from the beginning that dancing was probably going to be tortured and mostly people would skulk into corners and chat with each other. That's definitely what I was planning on doing!

    Enter Cris of BKR Productions. First, he came over to discuss the music. I pretty much told him what I wrote in the first paragraph. He sighed and made a o_O face, but actually managed to get me excited about the music part of my wedding. We made a date to go and see the venue - right away, I felt "taken care of" and felt like I could leave the whole "music thing" to this man, because he obviously knows what he is talking about. A strong, confident type.

    When we arrived at the site of my reception to be, I felt somewhat ashamed that I have to torture this poor man like this. My reception site was totally romantic, an old, stone sunken cellar, composed completely of deep rock walls, concrete floor and no roof. (With romantic vines creeping down through the opening and Chinese lanterns waving amorously in the wind). So you see, it was a total acoustic nightmare. A voice would carry and bounce off the walls in a thousand different ways, but DJ Cris braved on with optimism and assurance that this would be a total snap and would be great - and told me that he saw it as a personal challenge. I felt guilty but very confident.

    The whole process of picking the music and letting him know "our style" was great - Cris is an awesome communicator and extremely professional. I felt like he really made me his priority and was constantly "poking" me for information. If he ever changes his profession into "Cris the wedding planner" I will be the first to recommend him.

    Here is the surprising thing - I not only danced my first dance at my wedding (my plan, again, was to do that and then chat with guests in a dignified manner) but I actually DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY. And so did everyone else. I didn't know where the reception time went, we were all having so much fun! Not only did he feel the mood at all times and made it impossible to get off the floor (my friend was pole dancing with a heat lamp by the end of the night) but this incredible man took pictures of the event set up, something that even the photographer didn't do, and included it with the soundtrack CD he gave us after the wedding. He made the whole thing more fun than me, the wallflower bride, could have ever imagined.

    thumb Mary S.

      Cris was absolutely the perfect DJ for our wedding. We met him at a local trivia and after getting to know him decided he'd be a fun fit for providing us all the fun tunes to the wedding! He did not disappoint. He's been in the industry for an awesome amount of time which gives him a ton of experience and familiarity with helping support the wedding.

    He's extremely prepared and communicable, sending us song templates to get us started in building out the music for the entire night. He also helped guide us when we were stuck on decisions and shared song lists to keep us on track.

    He's timely in both any pre-wedding meetings and to the actual ceremony to make sure he's able to set up and sound check his equipment. He's a really fun DJ - totally organized and very comfortable doing intros & any other funny commentary throughout the night. Highly recommended!!

    thumb Kristin D.